The Garden of Forking Paths

Presenting a series of dioramas that are multi-layered, much like pop up books, Lucy Parkinson sets a stage for storytelling that places cosmology, myth and science together to create unstable and subjective worlds.

Parkinson is interested in the physical influence that storytelling has on brain formation and thought patterns, and how this predetermines our relationship with nature and reality. Humans use the tools of their known world to frame the unknown. Researching themes that lie at the border of the unknown such as times, entropy, dark matter, dark energy and chaos, the artist combines folklore and scientific ‘law’ and poses questions such as ‘why is there something and not nothing?’ Parkinson’s solo exhibition To Unweave a Rainbow contemplates meaning-making through cosmology and the sources from which we construct our sense of reality.

11 November—11 February

Latrobe Regional Gallery

138 Commercial Road Morwell VIC 3840