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“You have to be like a lightning rod” — Kiki Smith talks about being patient in the uncontrollable

Since the 1980s acclaimed American artist Kiki Smith has looked at mortality, sexuality, and nature. Showing magnificent tapestries in the current Biennale of Sydney, Smith has previously shown in five Venice Biennales, and in 2006 was one of the ‘TIME 100: The People Who Shape Our World.’ In our interview Smith talks about the process of making art and being patient in our chaotic world.

Tiarney Miekus


Gene Sherman on collecting art, migrating to Australia and progressive politics

Known as one of Australia’s preeminent art collecting couples, South African emigres Gene and Brian Sherman’s private art collection “bears testament to our life and love as a couple”. Having collected over 900 pieces by artists including Janet Laurence and Ai Weiwei, Gene explains why some of this collection is going to auction—but amidst this is an even bigger conversation on art itself, migration, asylum seekers and posterity.

Steve Dow

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David Sequeira’s home studio is the inseparability of life and art


David Sequeira’s home studio is the inseparability of life and art

An artist, curator and academic, David Sequeira’s multidisciplinary practice has spanned over three decades, with colour as its driving force. From his home studio in West Melbourne—where he creates across his house—he discusses his all-encompassing approach to art making, as well as his bold exhibition, All the things I should have said that I never said, and its relationship to his Indian background.

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

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