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Inside Our May/June 2024 Issue

Pat Brassington’s images have always felt like the underside of the Australian art psyche—and they adorn the cover of our May/June issue, where Brassington, in a rare and insightful interview, unpacks the power of her work. We also speak with Jill Orr about promises and performance; think about the role of status in the art world with Mona’s new show, Namedropping; and explore the practices of Kez Hughes, Kasia Töns, Jumaadi and Nicholas Mangan. And with ever-worsening climate news, we ask five artists whose work centres nature— Nici Cumpston, Karla Dickens, Janet Laurence, Jenna Lee and John Wolseley—what it feels like creating in the age of the Anthropocene.

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