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Metro Arts

Championing all contemporary art forms, the two core activities of the organisation are developing and co-presenting contemporary arts.

Within Metro Arts’ multiple venues, there are artists taking risks, creating, developing, experimenting, and presenting ambitious contemporary art. In addition to the artistic program Metro Arts supports the wider artistic community with low cost short and long term venue hire for creative businesses, photo shoots, rehearsals, exhibitions, performances, auditions, forums, celebrations and more.

Metro Arts’ new home at West Village presents an annual program of contemporary and experimental performing and visual arts. This new hub for West End’s diverse community will be the place in Brisbane to experience the work of contemporary artists ranging from the emerging to the mid-career and the established.

Metro Arts

97 Boundary St, West End QLD, Australia

(07) 3002 7100

Tuesday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am – 10pm. (Times are subject to change.)

Metro Arts

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