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“We’re not using the word artists”: Talking with Biennale director José Roca and curator Anna Davis

From sustainability to non-living participants to waterways, this year’s 23rd Biennale of Sydney looks at the rights of nature through 89 participants and over 330 artworks. Ahead of the opening this Saturday, we talked to artistic director José Roca and curatorial member Anna Davis, about the ideas and processes behind the Biennale.

By Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen | Published 9 March 2023


Deborah Kelly on creating a queer, science fiction, climate change religion

CREATION is a new religion by artist Deborah Kelly, radically rethinking how we collectively come together. Having engaged with communities nation-wide, inviting audiences to dance, sing, listen and perform together, Kelly is now taking CREATION to regional Victoria. Curator Ineke Dane talks with Kelly about why she wanted to start a new religion, and where it will go in the future.

By Ineke Dane | Published 2 March 2023