The Sunshine Suite


Six Melbourne artists will exhibit new lithographic prints in Adelaide and Sydney this April. According to gallerist Hugo Michell, the show came about “through the artists”, and sees organiser Jon Campbell bring together fellow Melbourne artists and friends Nadine Christensen, Tony Garifalakis, Richard Lewer, Rob McHaffie and Fiona McMonagle to create new work. All artists will exhibit at both Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

Michell continues, “we’re really excited about this exhibition, and I really enjoy working with other galleries. Printmaking is a lovely process and it gives collectors the opportunity to buy in at a much more affordable price.” Each artist has worked individually with master printmaker Adrian Kellett, a printmaking technician at the Victorian College of the Arts (where Campbell teaches in the painting department). “I started making lithographs with Adrian at the end of 2014,” says Campbell, who also plays in a rock band with Kellett. “It was terrific working with him through the methodologies. Lithography seemed like a good place in between painting and drawing. It’s a beautiful medium.”

Although Campbell has organised the show, he does not see his role as curatorial. Each individual artist will decide how to present their work.

“Everyone is making the prints that they want to make. Tony Garifalakis has shown a print in a room that had ‘70s timber panelling on the wall, so maybe we’ll do something with that,” Campbell suggests. In the meantime, the artists are enjoying the process of discovering a complex traditional medium with contemporary eyes. “It’s a great moment when something is revealed,” enthuses Campbell. “It’s all new to me, so when Adrian makes a proof, it’s like ‘wow!’, and suddenly it all opens up again.”

The Sunshine Suite
Hugo Michell Gallery
6 April – 20 May

Darren Knight Gallery
8 April – 13 May

Preview Words by Rebecca Gallo