Photographing through the darkness

The relationship between darkness and light are integral to photography. Light determines the parameters through which a photo is captured, what is exposed, and where shadows fall to tell a narrative. This is where the Centre for Contemporary Photography begins their winter exhibition Walking Through Darkness—in the space between light and dark.

The theme is used as a platform to explore the exposure of untold stories. “The artists in this exhibition use photography and film as a means of journeying,” says curator Catlin Langford. “Reflecting on past histories, contemplating experiences and place, as well as capturing and communicating those things which are usually hidden or unseen. In doing so, their works evoke new ways of thinking and seeing.”

The show features a broad spectrum of artists, emerging and established, from local and abroad. Australian Morganna Magee reveals haunting narratives through local landscapes in her series Extraordinary Experiences, while international artists reveal how contemporary photography can mirror classic art—Todd Hido’s House Hunting series has a distinctly Edward Hopper energy, while Chloe Dewe Matthews snow-capped landscapes in In Search of Frankenstein are reminiscent of Casper David Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.

Other artists featured include Rushdi Anwar, Liss Fenwick, Seiichi Furuya, Buzz Gardiner, Amos Gebhardt, Ori Gersht, Rinko Kawauchi, Fassih Keiso, Li Yang, Georgia Metaxas , Darren Tanny Tan and Vanessa Winship.

View, in pictures, how these artists use photography to walk through the darkness.

Li Yang, From the series 404 NOT FOUND, 2016, Inkjet prints.

Li Yang, From the series 404 NOT FOUND, 2016, Inkjet prints.

Morganna Magee (b.1983, Australia), Dandenong Creek, 2021, part of the series Extraordinary Experiences (2020-ongoing), inkjet prints.

Morganna Magee (b.1983, Australia) Frog Hollow, 2021, Part of the series Extraordinary Experiences (2020-ongoing) Inkjet prints.

Todd Hido (b.1968, United States) #2810-10, 2001 From the series House Hunting, Inkjet prints. Courtesy Les filles du calvaire, Paris.

Chloe Dewe Matthews (b. 1982, United Kingdom), In Search of Frankenstein, 2016-2018, C-type prints and canvas wallpapers.

Darren Tanny Tan, Lingchi #3, 2021, Archival pigment prints.

Fassih Keiso, Iconoclasm, 2023, Inkjet prints and vinyl wallpaper.

Fassih Keiso, Iconoclasm, 2023, Inkjet prints and vinyl wallpaper.