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Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

Through exhibitions, education and publishing, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) places contemporary Australian photography and video in conversation with significant historical and international practice, expanding the context for current Australian lens-based arts. It supports artists by providing educational experiences for aspiring creators, exhibition opportunities for early-career artists, commissioned research projects for mid-career artists, and opportunities for established artists to experiment and take risks. CCP has played a pivotal role in the development of lens-based arts and public engagement with photography. In 2005, CCP relocated to purpose designed premises by Sean Godsell Architects. Its exhibition program is presented across five gallery spaces, including the Night Projection Window viewed from the street after dark.

Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

404 George Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

03 9417 1549

Wed to Fri 11am – 5pm and Sat to Sun 12noon – 5pm.

Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

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