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Lisa Roet



Jesse Marlow



A preoccupation with our simian cousins ties together the multi-form practice of Lisa Roet. In her home studio she fashions prototypes of her sculptures and also uses the space for her exquisitely dark jewellery, which is again, all about apes.

Interview by Toby Fehily. Photography by Jesse Marlow.

Lisa: This space is at the back of my house in Ormond. I work on ideas, sketch and make prototypes here; I also use it for my jewellery practice. I have another studio for my drawings and, when I’m scaling up sculptures, I’ll work with foundries or larger factory spaces.


A typical day starts, before I even get to the studio, with emails and phone calls: I spend a lot of time negotiating with production people. Then I’ll work in the studio in the afternoon before I might head over to the foundry to check on a work being made in bronze.

But there’s no such thing as a typical day – I’m not at all a nine-to-fiver – it just depends on what I’m working on.

– November 2014

Jesse Marlow

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