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The Maud Street Photo Gallery

THE MAUD STREET PHOTO GALLERY is a dedicated photographic gallery in Newstead, Brisbane, in close proximity to the Brisbane CBD and ‘the Valley’ area.

The Gallery is closely associated with QUEENSLAND CENTRE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (The Centre), which specializes in providing photographic facilities and education to the photographic community.

The gallery was born out of an appreciation of fine art photography; a space to come to enjoy and admire the art of photography. Providing a contemporary space to showcase works of award-winning photographers, as well as supporting new and emerging talents. THE MAUD STREET PHOTO GALLERY is proud to exhibit works in a contemporary style gallery featuring white walls, white floor and soaring white ceilings with original steel trusses.

The Maud Street Photo Gallery

6 Maud Street, Newstead QLD, Australia

61 07 3216 1727

Thurs & Fri 1pm - 5pm
Sat & Sun 11am - 4pm

The Maud Street Photo Gallery

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