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THE LUME Melbourne

THE LUME Melbourne is the world’s largest digital art gallery and among the most loved and  most-visited attractions in Australia’s capital of arts and culture.

With an expanse of 3,000sqm and projection at four storeys high, THE LUME Melbourne is also the first digital art gallery of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere to immerse visitors  into the world’s finest art at such a jaw-dropping scale.

THE LUME Melbourne utilises state-of-the-art design and technology to transform the most essential visual art from around the world into memorable, multi-sensory encounters. At once playful and profound, exhilarating and liberating, THE LUME Melbourne invites visitors  to see art in a whole new light, aiming to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

THE LUME Melbourne

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Convention Centre Place, South Wharf Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mon to Thur 10am–5.30pm (last entry 3.3pm),
Fri 10am–8.30pm (last entry 6.30pm),
Sat 10am–9.30pm (last entry 7.30pm),
Sun 10am–5.30pm, (last entry 3.30pm).

THE LUME Melbourne

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