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Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius

Dedicated to exploring the life of the greatest creative genius the world has ever known, Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius presented by Webuild promises to be THE LUME’s most ambitious, immersive and breathtaking experience yet.

Prepare to step inside the world’s most famous works of art as Mona Lisa and The Last Supper come to life on THE LUME’s colossal canvas. This ground-breaking showcase allows visitors to be immersed in the grandeur and intricacies of these masterpieces, providing an intimate encounter with the brilliance of Leonardo’s artistry.

Artist, inventor, scientist, philosopher and musician, Leonardo da Vinci transcends his era. Not only did he create masterpieces never surpassed for their beauty, technique and anatomical accuracy; his pioneering contributions in architecture, engineering and even flight (to name but a few), laid the foundations for many modern innovations, making his influence more profound and far-reaching than anyone who has followed.

Engaging all the senses with sights, sounds, scents, touch and taste, the intricate chronological narrative – woven through the streets of Florence, the canals of Venice and the grandeur of Milan – recreate the ambiance of the Renaissance and is meticulously curated to unveil the life and human side of Leonardo.

16 March

THE LUME Melbourne

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Convention Centre Place, South Wharf Melbourne, Victoria, Australia