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TarraWarra Museum of Art

The TarraWarra Museum of Art Limited was established as a company limited by guarantee in October 2000. It is the first privately funded, significant public visual arts museum to be set up under the Australian Government’s philanthropic measures announced in March 1999. TWMA operates as a not-for-profit institution, with a charter to display Australian art from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day.

TarraWarra Museum of Art

311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road Healesville VIC 3777

03 5957 3100

Tues to Sun 11am - 5pm.
*TarraWarra Museum of Art is temporarily closed to the public in line with the latest public health directions from the Victorian Government. TarraWarra Museum of Art is due to reopen 28 November.

TarraWarra Museum of Art

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