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Ross Creek Gallery

In 2023, potters Ruby Pilven and Janine Ronaldson founded the Ross Creek Gallery, nestled in the serene bushland just a short 10-minute drive from Ballarat, Wadawurrung Country. The contemporary gallery is seamlessly integrated with their mudbrick studio, creating a peaceful and inspiring environment. With its abundant natural light streaming through three expansive windows, along with 15 spotlights, a versatile hanging system spanning three walls with 20 hanging wires, and 10 pristine white plinths, the gallery offers an ideal setting for artistic expression.

Showcasing emerging abd established two dimensional and three-dimensional artists.

Ross Creek Gallery

183 Post Office Road, Smythes Creek Victoria 3351, Australia

Opening hours during exhibitions Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11m-4pm
All other times when exhibitions are not on Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm

Ross Creek Gallery

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