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QDOS Fine Arts

QDOS Arts is the epicentre of the vibrant arts scene in Lorne. What began as a studio, then a gallery, cafe and sculpture park to celebrate the visual, performing and gourmet arts has grown into a complete respite for creative souls with master classes, even Japanese-inspired treehouses to stay.

The gallery is a curated art space representing a small collection of fine artists chosen for their artistic virtuosity and sheer mastery of practice. Qdos Fine Arts presents 10 solo exhibitions annually, and their artists launch a new body of work biennially whilst also offering a small and exclusive range of their work which is available for stockroom viewing.

Owner/Artist Graeme Wilkie whose appreciation for the tranquility of the Japanese aesthetic led him to develop this unique concept of a ‘living art’ experience in a quintessential Australian bush setting.

Light is also a theme in the gallery with lofty rooflines and glass to draw in the bushland views. Leading artists are represented and the visual feast is matched by the creative gourmet offerings of the café.

The grounds form a natural amphitheatre watched over by the gallery and treehouses, in which major sculptural works blend with towering eucalyptus, a stillness pervades the ‘Monet’ style pond visited by a myriad of bird and wild life.

Image: Artist James Davis

QDOS Fine Arts

35 Allenvale Road, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia

03 5289 1989

Thur to Sun 9am–5pm.

QDOS Fine Arts

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