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Kamile Gallery is located at the Cathedral Square on the site of the former Playhouse Theatre in Perth’s financial district. The gallery sits in a contemporary building designed by Kerry Hill Architects.

Kamile is a contemporary art gallery showcasing the work of exceptional Australian and International artists making a significant and distinguished mark on the city’s cultural life. Kamile is committed in every aspect to present artists who use natural, traditional work techniques and hold sustainability  at the heart of everything they do.

Kamile provides access for people with blindness and low vision and offers a multitude of ongoing programs and events aimed to enhance and enrich the public’s experience with contemporary art.

Founded by Kamilė Burinskaitė, Australian-Lithuanian entrepreneur and art collector; she is passionate to foster interest for art in others as well as provide a platform for outstanding artists to exhibit, be represented and sell their work.


Cathedral Square, Perth WA, Australia

0414 210 209

11am - 4pm


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