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Bond Street Gallery

A  social enterprise gallery, whose profits are used to support a variety of community-based events and programs. Since it’s inception in 2016, Bond Street has worked with many amazing minds from near and far to deliver fascinating talks, workshops and discussion groups; addressing diverse topics and exploring thought-provoking questions.

Regular art exhibitions are held within the venue to promote the recognition of talented local artists. For many this is the first time exhibiting their work, and Bond Street takes an active role in ensuring they have the support they need to deliver an exhibition they are proud of. Each exhibition involves an opening night, and ensures much exposure during its display.

As part of it’s  progressive business model, Bond Street endeavours to be an ecologically sustainable and future-respecting enterprise. A great deal of it’s focus as a social enterprise is the empowerment and advocacy of young members of the community.

When you choose to exhibit or hire Bond Street Gallery, you are supporting the provision of social activities and projects in the local community. While they are a small venue, they offer visitors and customers a unique blend of heritage charm and modern technology.

Bond Street Gallery

10 Bond Street, Sale VIC, Australia

03 51828770

By appointment only.

Bond Street Gallery

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