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The Art Gallery of Western Australia

Through the Collection, associated programs, and stimulating exhibitions, Gallery visitors are offered unique and exciting experiences of historic and contemporary Australian artists, as well as the art of the world.

AGWA places particular emphasis on the arts of Australia, and due to the geographic position, the Indian Ocean Rim. The proximity and access to many of the most exciting cultures of the world adds immeasurably to the Gallery’s programs, exhibitions, collections and events at the State Art Gallery. 

The Art Gallery of Western Australia, founded in 1895, occupies a precinct of three heritage buildings on the south-eastern corner of the Perth Cultural Centre. The Gallery houses the State Art Collection, which includes one of the world’s finest collections of Indigenous art, the pre-eminent collection of Western Australian art and design, as well as Australian and International art and design.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia

Perth Cultural Centre, James St Mall Perth WA 6000

08 9492 6600 or Infoline: 08 9492 6622

Wed to Mon 10am–5pm.
Free admission.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia

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