Five on Five: Kylie Banyard on Dana Schutz’s Breastfeeding


Read a full transcript of the podcast here.

In this first series of Five on Five we’re asking five painters to speak about a painting that has influenced, inspired or resonated with them. In this episode Kylie Banyard reflects on Breastfeeding (2015) by American artist Dana Schutz.

As you listen, you can see in the painting (reproduced above) that Banyard is captivated by the images’ “yuck yum” qualities and its depiction of the maternal experience of breastfeeding.

We’ll be releasing more episodes of Five on Five: Painter Series over the coming weeks so stay tuned. You can listen to past episodes with Kate Beynon and Peter Waples-Crowe. To make sure you don’t miss an episode, subscribe to the Art Guide podcast on iTunes.

Kylie Banyard is a multidisciplinary artist whose work investigates alternate models for living and learning. Her artistic practice is grounded in painting and intersects with photography, video, sculpture and immersive architectural spaces.

She is in a 2018 group exhibition at the Turchin center for visual art at Appalachian State University in North Carolina and in 2019 will have solo exhibitions at Galerie pompom in Sydney and Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Melbourne.

Feature Words by Tiarney Miekus