Store Keep

Store Keep explores the history of stores and storekeepers and their role in the establishment of regional communities, as well as the sweeping changes sought by growth and wealth. Dubbo and Wellington home to early enterprising commercial ventures spearheaded by recent immigrants from France, Belgium, and China spurring each community to early success. As the towns grew so did the number and variety of stores. What does this history of our enterprising storekeepers say about our pioneering spirit? And how has this focus on the art of buying and selling shaped our communities? Dubbo and Wellington are now increasingly defined by trade and their histories as trade centres. Their stores reflect the multicultural mix of Australian society, as well as the expansive needs of rapidly growing economies. This focus on Dubbo and Wellington’s economic history is supported by new research highlighting the high number of women who have run and managed businesses in our past, most notably, hotels. This research challenges historical preconceptions and offers new value in studying our economic history. Curated by Kent Buchanan.

11 November—28 April

Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo

Dubbo Regional Gallery - The Armati Bequest, 76 Wingewarra Street Dubbo NSW 2830