Museum of Brisbane

Group Exhibition

Rearranged: Art of the Flower

Christopher Bassi, Ashlee Becks, Keith Burt, Norton Fredericks, John Honeywill, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Vida Lahey, Clairy Laurence, Boneta-Marie Mabo, Margaret Olley, Lyndall Phelps, Julian Podmore, Milomirka Radovic, Sarah Rayner, Edith Rewa, Monica Rohan, Bronwyn Searle, Pamela See (Xue Mei-Ling), Judith Sinnamon, Jaishree Srinivasan, Karen Stone, Man&Wah, Anna Varendorff and Michael Zavros and more

Still life takes on new life in this celebration of the art of the flower. Brisbane has a strong culture of artists using floral imagery to tell stories of this place. In a space reminiscent of a quintessential Queenslander house, Rearranged: Art of the Flower invites visitors to stroll through a lush collection of paintings, textiles, sculptures, ceramics and new media.

Commonly associated with domestic settings and still life compositions, flowers continue to be reimagined and evoke contemporary concerns. Rearranged beholds the beauty of this ever-popular subject and looks beyond to explore notions of place, memory and history. The exhibition illuminates diverse perspectives, always acknowledging that flowers have long been cared for by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as an integral part of Country. Journey through the house, out the back and into the garden, and revel in the beautiful blooms of Brisbane.

25 November—11 August

Museum of Brisbane

Level 3, Brisbane City Hall Brisbane QLD 4000