Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

Anthony Pryor & Jutta Pryor


Art Gallery 275:

An exhibition by Jutta Pryor, exploring the interplay between her video projections and her late husband, Anthony Pryor’s sculptures.

In defiance of the static nature of metal and stone, Anthony Pryor’s sculptures are imbued with energy, purpose, and movement. The solidity of the sculptures, their shadows and light create a dialogue spanning an arc between the tangible, the intangible, and our imagination.

Exploring a collaboration across media, time, and place, Jutta Pryor’s personal knowledge of her late husband’s work reveals a new dimension to his vision.

Opening Night: Friday 2 February, 6:30-8:00 pm.

2 February—17 March

Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia