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Gene Sherman on collecting art, migrating to Australia and progressive politics

Known as one of Australia’s preeminent art collecting couples, South African emigres Gene and Brian Sherman’s private art collection “bears testament to our life and love as a couple”. Having collected over 900 pieces by artists including Janet Laurence and Ai Weiwei, Gene explains why some of this collection is going to auction—but amidst this is an even bigger conversation on art itself, migration, asylum seekers and posterity.

Steve Dow


S.J Norman speaks with Jazz Money about grief, spiritual art and power

Wiradjuri artist S.J Norman recently won the 67th Blake Prize, which recognises achievement in spiritual art. Norman’s winning photograph documents the 147 incisions made on the artist’s back during a 2019 performance, which marks the 147 Aboriginal people who died in police custody in the preceding decade. Wiradjuri poet and artist Jazz Money sat down with Norman to discuss the significance of these images.

Jazz Money


Art Guide Australia

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