Vivid Ideas 2017


Cultural empowerment, artificial intelligence, the music biz, the ethics of criticism and the quest for perfection: these are just a few of the topics being explored by Vivid Ideas 2017.

With over 200 events from 400 speakers, the festival features a wide dialogue across art, design, music, film and social change, as well as insights into creative practices and careers. As a core component of Vivid Sydney, the ideas festival consists of public talks, professional development opportunities and panel discussions.

One of the festival highlights is the Game Changer Talk Series which features artist Shepard Fairey, who’s internationally known for his Barack Obama HOPE imagery, as well as the OBEY GIANT art project.

The artist is set to discuss his do-it-yourself approach and his signature blend between art, design and street culture.

Vivid Ideas is also marked by an interest in social and political issues and includes the visual art exhibition Cause and Effect, which explores the consequences of war, racism and environmental issues within Australian society. Other events take a more targeted approach towards arts practitioners, such as the Creatives Get Cooperative workshop, which thinks through the challenges and social opportunities of the sharing economy.

Of course the festival isn’t simply concerned with voicing interesting ideas, but exploring how innovative thoughts can be practically realised. Consequently Vivid Ideas entails a range of workshops exploring the alternative market of freelance work, start-up culture, the ethics of cultural criticism and professional insights into the film and arts industry. Also scheduled are frank discussions on the inevitable links between money and art-making and how young people can begin to establish their art career.

Vivid Ideas 2017
Various venues across Sydney
27 May – 17 June

Preview Words by Tiarney Miekus