Two major South Australian arts organisations join forces


In the wake of Australia Council funding cuts announced in May, two major South Australian arts institutions announced yesterday that they will join forces.

The Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF) was established in 1974. The Contemporary Art Centre South Australia (CACSA) was incorporated in 1986, and its history goes back further to the 1940s.

In their joint statement Ted Snell, chair AEAF, and Jim Moss, chair CACSA, announced that the two organisations will amalgamate and “will work toward the establishment of the new entity to be operational on the first of July 2017.”

“While there are many hurdles to clear in the next year we are confident that the sense of optimism and collaboration evident in our discussions will realise a shared vision for a dynamic, responsive and sustainable new entity that will build on the illustrious histories of AEAF and CACSA,” they said.

“We appreciate the input we have received from our Memberships and supporters, and look forward to a robust and exciting future.”

News Words by Art Guide Australia