Raymond Arnold Wins The Glover Prize 2017


Raymond Arnold has once again won The Glover Prize.

Established in 2004, The Glover Prize is awarded annually for the best depiction of Tasmania’s contemporary landscape.

Arnold won The Glover Prize 2017 for his industrial themed painting, La Barque de Dante/Macquarie Harbour Party Barge, which comments on the inevitable consequences of aging and decay.

When searching for a visual representation to depict his subject matter, the Tasmanian artist decided on the Strahan Party Barge.  For Arnold the site was able to supply what he calls an “absurd contrast” between ageing, death and getting intoxicated on Macquarie Harbour.

Arnold previously won the Glover Prize in 2007 for his painting Western Mountain Ecology which, like La Barque de Dante/Macquarie Harbour Party Barge, uses an industrial theme to challenge and transform typical notions of landscape painting.

While the $40,000 prize money is definitely one of the perks, for Arnold winning The Glover Prize “is about much more than the money.” Arnold instead appreciates the win as an opportunity “to be recognised as an artist by one’s peers”.

Eleonora Triguboff, Dr Mary Knights and Ben Quilty formed the judging panel for the Glover Prize 2017. The judges unanimously chose Arnold as the prize winner and selected Joan Kelly’s Listening Close: “Joan of Arc” as a highly commended work.

Speaking on behalf of the judging panel, head judge Ben Quilty praised the winning works for exploring “ideas of environmental and psychological histories”. Quilty further commended the artists for depicting a “visceral and powerful response to the landscape of Tasmania”. 

Glover Prize 2017 Exhibition
Falls Park Pavilion
18 March – 19 March

News Words by Tiarney Miekus