Josh X Muir


You might remember Yorta Yorta/Gunditjmara artist Josh Muir’s work from the 2016 White Night Festival, where his animation Still Here was projected onto the facade of the National Gallery of Victoria. Muir has impressed many with his distinctive aesthetic, receiving awards throughout his career including the prestigious National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Youth Award in 2015. Suffice to say that the past few years have been incredibly busy for the artist, whose practice has evolved from the canvas to the screen.

Josh X Muir at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Melbourne is the culmination of a year’s work that has seen Muir venture further into the digital realm. The exhibition consists of 24 digitally created works printed on aluminium sheets measuring approximately one metre, a neon and wallpaper installation, and a three-channel animation with a soundtrack created by Muir’s old friend from primary school, DJ Sadge.

Self-portraiture and storytelling has always been a big part of Muir’s multidisciplinary practice, and this exhibition serves as an abstracted autobiography.

These new works reveal elements of Muir’s past and his hopes for the future, says Charlotte Christie, curatorial manager at the Koorie Heritage Trust.

Despite his achievements, Muir says the time has come for him to step back from art, in the hope of discovering new ways of making and expressing himself. “I’ve covered all aspects of artistic practice that I like, so what’s next?” he asks. “Until I evolve or come up with a new style…this is it.”

Muir has often spoken about how important art and creativity have been to him, so it’s hard to imagine him giving it up entirely. But until Muir is ready to reveal himself again, Josh X Muir is the last opportunity to view his dynamic work for some time.

Josh X Muir
Josh Muir
Koorie Heritage Trust
6 October—25 November

This article was originally published in the November/December 2018 print issue of Art Guide Australia.

Preview Words by Nadiah Abdulrahim