Isaebella Doherty wins the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women


Melbourne-based photographer and videographer Isaebella Doherty has won the $5000 non-acquisitive Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women (MDPPfW) with a black and white portrait of her sister titled Pearl.

Chosen from 53 finalists, Doherty’s award-winning photograph was spontaneously taken in the Pyrenees when the artist was reunited with her family after 10 months apart.

Thanking her parents for buying her first camera, the artist says that “It’s really difficult for young people in this industry, but it’s so great to be recognised by a prize like this.”

Supported by Melbourne television director Tony Rogers and producer Jason Byrne, the prize celebrates the career of the late Australian photographer Maggie Diaz with the aim of encouraging the photographic work of women of all ages, backgrounds and career levels.

The judging panel this year included Julie Millowick, Hoda Ashfar and Rob Imhoff.

The work of Alana Holmberg, Ebony Finck and Sarah J. Walker was also highly commended by the judges, and Lisa Walker received the Martin Kantor Award.

Works by the finalists are currently on display at Brightspace Gallery in Melbourne.

Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women
Brightspace Gallery
1 September – 17 September

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