Halinka Orszulok wins the 2018 Glover Prize


The Glover Prize for landscape painting has been awarded to Halinka Orszulok, a Jameberoo, New South Wales based artist.

The winning painting Ponies was chosen for its technical dexterity and psychological charge. The night time scene shows a playground in a forest setting illuminated by artificial light – identified by the artist as Cataract Gorge in Tasmania.

The playground ponies in the work conjure multiple meanings for Orszulok. “I found the pretty plastic ponies riding through the verdant Tasmanian forest a particularly evocative image – an introduced species evoking the invasion of this island,” she said. “They are also symbols with a strong pull on the subconscious. There is a dream-like quality to the image. I have dreamt of riding horses through both familiar and unexpected environments. To me, the ponies represent power, freedom, and escape.”

Orszulok received $50,000 and a bronze maquette of colonial artist John Glover, after whom the Glover Prize is named.

The judges of the 2018 prize were Artbank Director Tony Stephens; arts curator, adviser, and advocate Natalia Ottolenghi Bradshaw; and director of the consultancy firm New Audiences for Art Dr Jane Deeth.

Speaking on behalf of the judges Stephen said, “The painting stands out as it is more of a psychological landscape rather than a literal interpretation of the land and the ambiguity of the scene is thought-provoking.”

Ponies will join the Glover Collection. Established in 2004, the Glover Prize celebrates the legacy of the colonial landscape artist John Glover and aims to foster conversations around painting, landscape and Tasmania.

An exhibition of this year’s finalists continues on Saturday 17 March and Sunday 18 March at Falls Park Pavilion in Evandale, Tasmania.

Glover Prize 2018 Exhibition
Falls Park Pavillion, Evandale Tasmania
17 March –18 March

News Words by Zara Sigglekow