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Yering Station Art Gallery

This historic cellar door (c. 1859) exudes rustic charm, with its high ceilings and whitewashed brick walls, and operates as both a tasting room and an art gallery, exhibiting the works of both established and emerging Australian artists in all art forms.

Exhibitions are located in the Main Gallery and in the Winery Viewing Gallery, with exhibitions rotating every four to six weeks. A selection of outdoor sculptures are also on display in the gardens and on the Sculpture Terrace overlooking the Yarra Ranges.

The Michael McCoy designed gardens and Robert Conti designed terrace provide ideal sites for works by some of Australia’s most accomplished sculptors.  Currently on permanent display are works by Jane Bennetts, Ewen Coates, Maria Coyle, Martin George, Bill Ogilvie, Brian Paulusz, Michael Sibel and Fredrick White.

Commissions from artwork sales are donated to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity.

Yering Station Art Gallery

38 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen 3775

03 9730 0100

Mon to Fri 10am–5m,
Sat and Sun 10am–6pm
Open during all public holidays, excluding Christmas day.

Yering Station Art Gallery

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