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Yarrila Arts and Museum

YAM boasts five exhibition spaces. The centerpiece is Yaamanga Around here, a permanent exhibition that showcases the museum and gallery collections. The other four exhibition spaces come alive with dynamic rotating exhibitions, many of which proudly feature YAM’s own collections.

A testament to decades of dedication, YAM’s journey traces back to the opening of the first museum in 1980 and Council’s acquisition of its first artwork in 1974. This commitment has seen the collection grow to include more than 18,000 objects, artefacts and archives as well as more than 600 artworks.

Yarrila Arts and Museum

Yarrila Place, 27 Gordon Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia

02 6648 4700

Tues to Fri 10am–4pm,
Sat and Sun 10am–2pm.
Closed on Mondays and all NSW Public Holidays.
See our website for latest information.

Yarrila Arts and Museum

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