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Wyndham Art Gallery

Wyndham Art Gallery is a council owned and run gallery in the City of Wyndham.

Its programs and projects allow the diverse community of Wyndham to see themselves reflected back, providing a safe space for people of all cultures, genders and abilities to participate in what the gallery offers. Underlying these considerations is the ongoing commitment in the gallery to centre First Nations people, culture and knowledge and expand our community’s connection to place, generating a sense of belonging in our community, learning from Indigenous ways of relating to people and place.

Wyndham Art Gallery often invites guest curators to work on specific themes acknowledging that not all voices are equally heard.

Wyndham Art Gallery’s exhibition program is curated to reflect the diverse social and cultural character of Wyndham and invites the viewer to explore new and challenging ideas.

Every exhibition features an ‘Artist in Conversation’, an artist or curator talk, and larger exhibitions feature a range of activities such as tours and workshops through the ‘Go Deeper’ engagement program.

Wyndham Art Gallery

177 Watton Street Werribee VIC 3030

03 8734 6021

Mon to Fri 9am–4pm,
Sat and Sun 11am–4pm.
Closed on public holidays.

Wyndham Art Gallery

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