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West Space

West Space is a contemporary art space that provides an experimental and responsive platform for the development, exhibition and contextualisation of artists’ work. We are distinct in being a non-for-profit organisation that blends the creative freedom and risk-taking of an artist-run space with the professional infrastructure of a contemporary art institution.

One of our key objectives is to support future pathways for local artists. We do this through exhibition programming, commissioning, publishing and mentoring. We also take responsibility in leading discussions that contribute to broad contem­porary art concerns (aesthetic, social, political and material), as well as investing in research and advocacy on issues that affect artists.

West Space

30 Perry St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

03 9328 8712

Tues to Sat noon - 6pm
*West Space is temporarily closed to the public in line with the latest public health directions from the Victorian Government.

West Space

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