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Wangaratta Art Gallery

The Gallery presents a diverse visual arts program of national, state and regional exhibitions. The program includes shows by regional artists, touring exhibitions and joint ventures with the public galleries sector in Victoria and elsewhere.

Established in 1987, Wangaratta’s unique regional gallery is housed in a heritage building located in the creative arts precinct, adjacent to the WPACC and a short walk from the CBD. The spacious interior offers a distinctive and rare experience for the gallery visitor.

Wangaratta Art Gallery collects contemporary textile art, small sculpture, wood, and significant works of art from and about the north-east Victoria region. It also collects works by state and national artists of significance and delivers the most significant acquisitive award for textile art across Australia.

Wangaratta Art Gallery

56 Ovens Street, Wangaratta VIC 3677, Australia

03 5722 0865

Tue to Sun 10am–4pm.
See our website for latest information.

Wangaratta Art Gallery

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