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Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre

Located in central Hornsby behind Willow Park, the Wallarobba Homestead was built in 1903 and has been transformed by Council into the Shire’s premier art and cultural centre. Its redevelopment was recognised in 2012 with the Local Government and Shires Association Places for Arts and Culture: Improved Cultural Facility Award. Features include a community art studio, a purpose-built printmaking room, art classes, an artists’ lounge and a gallery space. The Hornsby Art Society also has an office in the centre.

The artistic hub of Hornsby Shire, home to a constant stream of exhibitions and classes.

For opening hours, please see exhibition details.

Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre

25 Edgeworth David Avenue Hornsby NSW 1630

9847 6050

Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre

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