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The Victorian Artists Society

There is no other place in Australia like the Victorian Artists Society for all people who love to view, learn, create and exhibit art. Our  historical surrounds  date back to 1870, with impressive alumni including some of our nation’s most revered artists, such as Charles Conder, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Fred McCubbin, William Dargie and Walter Withers.

It was no easy matter for the handful of artists and art lovers of those days to establish the Society; government support was limited with a grant of land in Albert Street. The full costs of erecting the building had to be found by artists of the day.

The building was designed as a purpose built gallery encompassing the original bluestone studio.  It was completed in 1892 and the original facade and interior remains essentially intact. This Heritage and National Trust listed building is a public asset and a learning centre for future generations, which is open to the public and all of those who love art.

There were many iconic artworks painted within our walls which formed the foundation of Australia’s major public collections.  We are also rich in musical history, as Dame Nellie Melba’s Conservatorium became a tenant of the Society from 1898 until 1952.

At the Victorian Artists Society, members are from all walks of life, who not only enjoy the camaraderie of membership, but also contribute their expertise and artistic talent to this vibrant and energetic organisation.  As we head towards our 150th Anniversary in 2020, the Victorian Artists Society provides the community with exhibitions, an art school, workshops, gallery hire, plein air, life and portrait groups. Membership is open to practicing artists, as well as all art lovers.

Visitors are invited to view the ever changing exhibition of paintings and sculpture along with taking a walk in the footsteps of some of Australia’s most significant artists and citizens.

The Victorian Artists Society

430 albert street east melbourne

03 9662 1484

Mon to Fri 10am–4pm,
Sat and Sun 11am–4pm,
See our website for latest information.

The Victorian Artists Society

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