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University of Western Sydney, Australia-China Institute

The Institute for Australian and Chinese Arts and Culture is positioning itself as a hub and national resource centre for arts and cultural exchange between Australia and China and across the Sinosphere, and for collaborative action in the arts and cultural fields.

The Institute will enhance existing exchanges between the Western Sydney University and partner universities overseas, particularly in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. It launches a range of programs in enhancing and promoting cultural and arts exchanges and actively engages with local communities in contributing to a cohesive multicultural society through arts and cultural activities.

Located in one of the most ethnically diverse urban centres of Australia, IAC will have great local significance in building a new multicultural urban society, and it will harness local support and engagement in its programs.


Ground floor, EA Building, Room EA.G.13,

University of Western Sydney, Australia-China Institute

Western Sydney University Parramatta Campus, Parramatta NSW, Australia

02 9685 9943

Please enquire for opening times.

University of Western Sydney, Australia-China Institute

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