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Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

Umbrella Studio contemporary arts is a not-for-profit, members based exhibition and studio space that showcases more than 25 different contemporary art exhibitions a year and hosts a variety of workshops and events. We deliver projects for all parts of our community and support local artists, designers and creative talent to grow.

Become a Member!

By becoming a member of Umbrella Studio, you will enjoy a number of benefits including:

• Eligibility to exhibit at Umbrella Studio.
• Eligibility to exhibit in our themed Annual Members’ exhibition.
• Special discounts for selected workshops and events held by Umbrella Studio.
• Receiving invitations to all exhibition openings, workshops, artist talks and special events.
• First to receive our yearly calendar and Umbrella eNews filled with activities and useful information.
• Eligibility to hire the printing press, 3D printer or the kiln.
• Login access to the Umbrella website to renew your membership online, pay for workshops and have your own gallery page of images and artist information.


Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

482 Flinders Street Townsville QLD 4810

07 4772 7109

Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sun 9am – 1pm.

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

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