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Tyger Gallery

We believe art is for everybody.

Tyger is a beautiful, relaxed and friendly gallery where you will discover art that will bring joy for generations. We are passionate about art which connects with the natural world and art which tells the story of connection. We specialise in contemporary Australian art by emerging and established artists from the Southern Tablelands and beyond. We champion emerging artists – providing opportunities to build their careers and pratice. We are passionate about advocating for the crucial role that the arts plays in Australia’s society, well-being and economy.

As a social enterprise, Tyger is committed to making a practical and financial contribution to our community.

Tyger Gallery

84 Comur Street, Yass NSW, Australia

0466 243 684

Thursday and Friday 11am-2pm, Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 11am-3pm.

Tyger Gallery

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