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Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Opened in 1998, Tuggeranong Arts Centre was the first purpose-built multi disciplinary arts centre in the ACT. Managed by Tuggeranong Community Arts Inc., the Centre presents and hosts a vibrant array of arts activities which cross all artforms and engage professional and community artists alike.

The Arts Centre is particularly proud of its dynamic youth programs and the role that these programs play in developing the skills, outlook and cultural awareness of young people in the Tuggeranong region and beyond.

Funded principally through a triennial agreement with artsACT, the ACT Government’s arts funding agency, the Centre also draws funds from a variety of other government agencies and philanthropic funds.

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

137 Reed Street, Greenway ACT

(02) 6293 1443

Tuesday to Friday, 10am–5pm and Saturday 10am–4pm.
Mondays, scheduled classes only
The Tuggeranong Arts Centre is closed on Public Holidays.

Tuggeranong Arts Centre

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