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Town Hall Gallery

Located in the Hawthorn Arts Centre, Town Hall Gallery is the peak public gallery space for the City of Boroondara. Spanning three gallery spaces, Town Hall Gallery features a diverse range of contemporary and innovative curated exhibitions, public programs and exhibits drawn from the Town Hall Gallery Collection. The Collection celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the City of Boroondara and fosters a strong sense of community and shared history. Town Hall Gallery is part of the Public Galleries Association of Victoria (PGAV) and supports local, national and international artists at varying stages of their careers. The gallery also offers a space for local artists and community groups to exhibit professionally on our Community Project Wall, located at the side entrance of the Hawthorn Arts Centre.

Town Hall Gallery

Hawthorn Arts Centre, 360 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3122

03 9278 4770

Mon to Fri 10am–5pm,
Saturday 12pm–4pm,
Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Town Hall Gallery

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