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The Sculptors Society (TSS)

The Sculptors Society (TSS) is the oldest sculpture society in NSW, having been founded in 1951. Its mission is to promote public interest in sculpture through regular exhibitions and disseminate relevant sculpture information to our members. It also promotes the advancement and appreciation of sculpture to the widest possible audience.

Not only does TSS promote its artists’ work, it offers a valuable service to the community through our free exhibitions, which can inspire, enthral and inform individuals of any age, creed or culture. Its extensive network of sculptors offers a broad range of sculptures in many varied styles and materials and of monumental or domestic size.


The Sculptors Society (TSS)

Gateway Building, One Macquarie Place Sydney NSW 2000

02 9481 9060

Exhibitions are run on a rotating schedule, in various locations. Please contacts TSS directly so see what's on.

The Sculptors Society (TSS)

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