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Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

Recognised as having one of Australia’s most comprehensive collections of naïve art, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery is situated adjacent to the Marraboor River in Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia in a unique purpose built gallery.

The collection was started in 1963 with the acquisition of a drawing by Australian artist Noel Counihan. As more works were acquired, they were housed and displayed on the Paddlesteamer Gem and later the barge Vega under the Pioneer Settlement Authority. Our current purpose-built Gallery was opened in 1987. Today the Gallery and its collection of over 400 works is under the management of Swan Hill Rural City Council.

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

Horseshoe Bend Swan Hill VIC 3585

03 5036 2430

Tue to Fri 10am–5pm,
Sat & Sun 10am–4pm.

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

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