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Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Located in the heart of the Granite Belt Queensland, the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery tempts you to experience quality exhibitions of both national and local importance. An epicentre for all visual arts, the art gallery fosters a program of regional artist exhibitions and displays that are relevant to the history and character of the region.

The gallery, home to a permanent collection of almost 900 pieces, hosts specially curated exhibitions of traditional and contemporary paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculpture, and fibre/ textile artworks.

This strong collection of noted artists’ works, is sourced from acquisitions made during the biennial Stanthorpe Art Prize.

Quality national touring exhibitions encompass displays varying from contemporary textiles, ceramics, and painting to mixed media installations, on a wide range of contemporary subjects, including works by noted emerging and established Australian artists.

A program of exhibitions from the wider local arts community plays an integral part in the gallery’s professional development program and exposure of the visiting public to regional creative endeavours.

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

61 Marsh St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380, Australia

(07) 4681 3991

Temporarily closed till 2 December, 2022.

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

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