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Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Nowra

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery serves as an exciting artistic hub for the Shoalhaven region and the south coast of NSW. Each year welcomes a vibrant exhibition program featuring both contemporary and traditional works, a diverse range of touring exhibitions by leading Australian and Shoalhaven artists and community based exhibitions.

Exhibitions change every 6 to 8 weeks across four gallery spaces and the North Gallery features works from the Shoalhaven City Art Collection.

We pride ourselves on fostering dynamic Public Programs, presenting art, cultural and community events aimed at audience development, accessibility, and education.

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery is an accessible venue. The Galleries are located on the ground floor and a public lift can be used to access our art studio and meeting rooms on the second level. Contact the Gallery to discuss any additional accessibility requirements before visiting.

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Nowra

12 Berry Street Nowra NSW 2541

02 4429 5444

Tue to Fri 10am–4pm,
Sat 10am–2pm.
Free entry.

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Nowra

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