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Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

Sauerbier House is an innovative artspace providing a platform to support cultural exchange through contemporary visual arts. Situated on the bank of the Onkaparinga River or Ngangkiparingga, (‘Women’s River’; Kaurna), the colonial villa is a state heritage community asset transformed from domestic residence (originally George Sauerbier c.1897), into a centre that supports and promotes contemporary arts practice and creative cultural expression within this region.

Sauerbier House offers established and emerging contemporary artists and writers, site responsive residency (non-resident) and independent exhibition opportunities. The extended residencies provide a platform for arts practitioners to creatively respond to a complex and culturally significant coastal location. Interactions with other residents, locals and visitors are offered through regular studio sessions, artist’s talks or workshops.


Complete exhibitions are available to view online at

Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

21 Wearing Street, Port Noarlunga

08 8186 1393

Wednesday to Friday 10am–4pm and Saturday 1pm–4pm.
See our website for latest information.

Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

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