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Royal South Australian Society of Arts Inc.

South Australia’s most prestigious and longest running Art Society and established Art Gallery in Adelaide (est. 1856). It is a volunteer based organisation, and mostly self-funded, and is now recognised as a Charity in South Australia.

In its historic rooms in the Institute Building on North Terrace the society provides an ideal location for exhibitions of members’ works, and of national and international showings. The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize was hosted in its gallery from its introduction until recently, the inaugural prize being awarded to one of our Fellows, Penny Dowie.

Since then the society has instated its own portrait prizes, during which innovative demonstrations enable the public to experience the actual process of portrait painting. It also hosts an annual Solar Art Prize during the exhibition titled Caring for our Planet.

Royal South Australian Society of Arts Inc.

Institute Building, North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000

08 8232 0450

Mon to Fri
10.30am – 3.30pm

Sat and Sun
1pm – 3:30pm

Royal South Australian Society of Arts Inc.

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