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Rockhampton Museum of Art

Rockhampton Museum of Art (RMOA) is where our region is inspired, engaged and enriched by art. We’re here for our regional community and its visitors through programs that encourage participation and appreciation of the visual arts by providing access to diverse practising artists and arts, and by always acknowledging the culture and heritage of our region. Fundamental to this is our engagement with First Nations at every level from the beginning.

Our permanent collection is one of national significance. It tracks Australia’s modernist movement, with artworks by prominent Australian artists, and continues to collect contemporary art by living artists. RMOA is where art is shared, bringing major touring exhibitions to the region, and showcasing the region’s own creativity to the world. We’re here to celebrate our place and our people of Central Queensland, showcasing artists and artworks with a deep resonance to our region.

Open to all and alive with energy, this is where creativity and community comes together in a natural meeting place by the banks of Tunuba in Darumbal Country.

Rockhampton Museum of Art

220 Quay Street, Rockhampton City QLD, Australia

07 4936 8248

Mon to Sun 9am–4pm.
Admission free.

Rockhampton Museum of Art

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