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Rockhampton Art Gallery

Rockhampton Art Gallery has its foundations in the support of, and investment in living artists. This ethos has been passed down as an institutional value formed in its founding era, in the legacy Mayor Rex Pilbeam. Today, the Gallery honours its founding history and commitment to contemporary Australian painting established by Rex Pilbeam through the exhibition, collection and public programs.

The Rockhampton Art Gallery has a nationally significant collection of modern and contemporary Australian paintings, including works by Davida Allen, Annette Bezor, Rick Amor, Charles Blackman, Peter Booth, John Coburn, Sidney Nolan, Jeffrey Smart, Grace Cossington Smith and Fred Williams.

Rockhampton Art Gallery’s exhibition program presents an all-encompassing contemporary art experience that balances the best in touring exhibitions with curatorial projects that forge deep connections to the surrounding regional area and cultural identity.

Rockhampton Art Gallery offers a highly active and large arrange of programs and events. These are delivered by a passionate team of arts educators and practicing artists who model the essential ingredients for creative learning in experiences for students and teachers – imagination, experimentation, collaboration, risk-taking, creative and critical thinking.

Rockhampton Art Gallery

62 Victoria Parade Rockhampton QLD 4700

07 4936 8248

Daily 10am – 4pm.

Rockhampton Art Gallery

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