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RMIT Design Hub Gallery

RMIT Design Hub Gallery exists to ask questions about design’s role in the world today. Through exhibitions, conversations, performances and publications, we explore the process of design – making space to imagine, test and risk new ideas together.

Founded within RMIT University, the Design Hub Gallery has its roots in the city and in research practice. But most of all it is a public place, a zone for exploration and a platform for exchange, locally and internationally. An open space for discovery, questioning and experimentation.

Entry to Design Hub Gallery via the Victoria Street forecourt. Gallery located below street level.


RMIT Design Hub Gallery

Building 100, Carlton VIC, Australia

Building 100, RMIT University, Corner Victoria & Swanston Streets, Carlton, VIC 3053

Tue to Fri 11am–5pm,
Sat 12.30pm–5pm.
Free Admission.

RMIT Design Hub Gallery

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